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Kids Dentist Mendham NJWe Care About Kids!

Dr. Johnson strives to make children of all ages relax and enjoy themselves, so schedule the whole family! You can rely on our expertise, knowing your child will receive the most advanced techniques in children’s dentistry, delivered with caring, sensitivity, and understanding. We train children in proper dental care habits and teach them how to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime. We look forward to seeing them first when they are four years old and watching them grow year after year.

Our plan is to secure that this and future generations of children will grow up without a fear of the dental office. According to our many appreciative parents, we are doing just that! Our office is an inviting and exciting place that children love to visit. Whether you have an adventurous six-year-old or a nervous eight-year-old, we are here to help you.

Childrens Family Dentistry Mendham NJChoosing Your Child’s Dentist is an Important Decision

Teaching good habits early on (in an environment that’s relaxed and fun) is critical for laying the foundation that promotes a lifetime of strong oral health. From a young age, children’s teeth are very susceptible to cavities due to many factors:

Children lack the necessary coordination to brush well on their own. Because of this, it is vital that parents assist in their child’s daily dental care. This encourages both thorough cleaning and the development of proper dental habits. Little kids tend to eat frequently throughout the day (grazing). This results in an extended exposure to food acids (every time you eat you make acid), which may cause more cavities.

Lack of cleaning means teeth are more at risk for potential decay because of increased acid production that hastens the development of cavities. The good news is that identifying poor dietary and hygiene habits, along with applying a fluoride varnish to the mineralizing teeth, can drastically reduce the odds of your child developing a cavity.

Your entire family deserves a healthy smile! Give us a call today at (973) 543-4828 to schedule a visit for everyone.